Romans 12 Ministries

Outstanding Servant Award

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving then serve; if it is teaching then teach; if it is to encourage then give encouragement….

– Romans 12:6-8

About the Award:

Past Winners:

The Outstanding Servant Award recognizes and honors individuals who demonstrate a Christ-like lifestyle by loving others, serving others, serving the church, and emulating a Christ-like life as shown in Romans 12.

Each month we accept nominations from believers who walk alongside servants who go above and beyond to serve those around them. They are a blessing to the body of Christ and exemplary to everyone around them, winning those outside the faith through their love in action.

They are the people who make us proud to be a fellow brother or sister in Christ and who encourage us in serving others selflessly. They are true examples of Christ to everyone they meet and shine His light to others in everything that they do.

If you know someone who lives like a godly servant, please recommend him or her as a recipient of our Romans 12 Ministries’ Outstanding Servant Award.


Outstanding Servant nominees must:

  1. Display the Christian traits of loving God and loving others
  2. Show a willingness to serve others above self
  3. Demonstrate a lifestyle that leads people to a desire for a relationship with Christ
  4. Assist others in developing and utilizing their full potential as a Christian

The Process​

  1. All applications will be reviewed by the Board and then those the Board finds worthy will be interviewed by one of Romans 12 Ministries staff or Board members.
  2. Winners will be selected and notified by the 2nd Monday of the month following the application.
  3. Once an applicant is selected, that individual’s church will be notified of their selection and the winner will receive the following:
    • A check for $500.00 to the award winner.
    • A check for $500.00 given in their name to any recognized Christian Church, ministry, or Christian cause of their choice. Ideally, the presentation will be made at the home church or the selected Christian organization that the winner serves.
    • The winner will be featured in an article about them and the people and organization they serve on the website.
    • The winner will be one of the guests of honor at that year’s Romans 12 Ministries recognition banquet.

June 2020: Carla Levak:

Carla as been part of the Children’s ministries at New Life Bible Church for a long time. She leads the school partnership program with the local schools, and has led and participated in the Good News clubs at these schools. Is part of the Backpack program for needy students. Provides meals for those less fortunate. Carla has a strong faith and leads with a humble and kind heart.

May 2020: Pastor Ben Moore:

Pastor Ben Moore is the Associate Pastor at Living Faith Christian Center and has served our church since it’s beginnings. Pastor Ben has humbly served not only our church family, but families & individuals in the community. He has had to take several pay cuts, and work part-time. Even so he oversees our Helping Hands Ministries; as Director he has faithfully gone early in the morning to the Community Food Bank to pick up foods and produce to have food for families & individuals. He stays to run the program, and oversee the volunteers, then oversees the free Community meals on Thursdays. It’s a long day for him. He also teaches the mid-week Bible studies, counsels those in need, plays on the Praise team, and preaches at times.

April 2020: Mark Knaak:

Mark has impacted many lives through his loyalty and selfless service. He and his wife began a ministry called Agape Outreach House 5 years ago in order to do outreaches, teach and serve the homeless and those in need of the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ. They also serve pastors who are serving in poor communities throughout Sonora, supporting them so they can continue to spread the gospel. 

Through this ministry, he and his wife have gone to different poor communities in Mexico to distribute food, clothing and toys. He has served alongside many pastors to help reach out to the community with the gospel of salvation and prayed for the sick. 

He is a great mechanic who helps in many ways and serves widows and people that are going through difficult times. He goes to Nogales every Saturday to assist in a children’s center and he teaches the word of God there to children and adults.

March 2020: Sandy and Pete Quinonez:

This husband and wife are as dedicated to this ministry as they are to each other! They work together to run Bridge Prison Ministry, an organization that offers support and guidance to men and women who are transitioning from incarceration to the community by providing resources for housing,employment, job training, mentors, food, clothing, transportation, bible studies/group support and prayer. Pete and Sandy tirelessly create opportunities for inmates to come to know Jesus’ love and forgiveness all the while operating a rehabilitation/transition program for them once the inmates are reintroduced to society. This program includes pen-pals, mentors, transitional housing, living supplies, job placement and ministering to the inmates’ family members while they are imprisoned and after release. Their efforts have come full circle and they now have former inmates that have become mentors in the program.

February 2020: Mike Birrer:

Mike Birrer has dedicated his life to the service of Christ. He selflessly leads others to serve in a number of street ministries, city, park, median and school beautification projects, and prayer walks. He serves refugees by teaching English and dedicates all of his time – what he calls a valuable gift from God – to create connections between people and ministries throughout Tucson. Mike is a full-time servant of Jesus, cheerfully serving others continually! Which is why it seems almost everyone in Tucson knows him! In fact, if you’ve ever been to the Winterhaven Festival of Lights, you may have seen him parked outside of a friend’s home, sharing the gospel and offering prayer for all who walk by.

December 2019: Vern Berry:

Meet Vern Berry, our December Outstanding Servant Award Winner!

Although Vern is retired from his career, he hasn’t retired from working for the Lord. Not by a long shot! The vast majority of his week is spent serving in ministries of his church, UCity, or other ministries in Tucson. He receives no pay but tirelessly devotes his own time, talent and treasure to see the word of God proclaimed and souls saved.

Vern lives to serve and is far more concerned with others well-being than his own. He is a prayer warrior who serves in prison ministry, preaching the gospel to inmates, and leads a Bible

November 2019: Sam Bryant:

Meet Sam Brandt, our Outstanding Servant Award Winner for November!

Sam is a Marine Corps Veteran who uses his God-given talent to run ultra-marathons in support of organizations that help others and to spread the hope of the gospel to others. He’s run for Mission 22, an organization that helps veterans find treatment for post-traumatic stress disorders. He’s run for Memories of Honor, with a special runner’s bib that lists a fallen soldier’s name, date of birth and date of death, which he donates to the family after the race, along with his medal and a handwritten note to let them know their son or daughter is not forgotten. Sam currently runs for Fit for Hope, a non-profit that partners with athletes to raise money for specific causes that mean the most to them. Sam has chosen human trafficking as his cause and ran the Tucson marathon with his hands cuffed to symbolize their bondage.

When he’s not running, Sam organizes local college students to clean up trash in their community, delivers food to the disabled and travels to countries in need to aid in service projects that benefit those who need it most.

October 2019: Scott Tymony:

Scott Tymony is a shining example of servant leadership. He’s served as a custodian at Pusch Ridge Christian Academy for almost 20 years! In that time, he’s used his position to touch all areas of the school with the fragrance of Christ. Not only is his work excellent, he goes beyond the call of duty to serve the needs of teachers, administrators and students alike, offering biblical wisdom and a fine example of what it means to be a true servant.

Scott also spends his off hours working with students in detention and discipling them in his own humble way – never with judgement, always with grace. Scott has used the past two decades of his life pouring into others and for that, we recognize him as our outstanding Servant Award Winner for October!