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2020 Fall Newsletter – A Word From our Executive Director

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A Word From Our Executive Director..

This past July we hit our one year anniversary at Romans 12 Ministries, and what a year it was!

As I reflect on this past year, I can’t help but believe even more emphatically that the Lord has a purpose for Romans 12 Ministries, and no matter what…He will see that His purpose is fulfilled. 

In the midst of a world-wide pandemic we were able to relate to the overwhelming challenges that our Pastors, Ministry Leaders, and their family members were experiencing. Through God’s blessings and our staff efforts, we were able to refresh and help restore their commitment to their calling and their families.

We were able to touch over a hundred individuals and families with a multitude of services.

I wish I had more space to tell you about all of the exciting opportunities we have had to serve, unfortunately I don’t. But I will tell you this; God has put together a great team of talented people here to serve and support our church leaders.

We will be reaching out to you again in December with another newsletter, until then, stay safe, stay well, and stay under God’s special care.

God Bless,

D. Scott Munro – Executive Director/ Pastor

July 2020

A month ago I sat with a pastor’s wife as she wept. She was feeling isolated and alone and frustrated at the ongoing gossip and judgement she and her husband were receiving from some in the church body. 

This season of life is so difficult for women in ministry leadership. Though I never had to navigate life during a pandemic with kids and a husband in ministry, I do remember what it was like to feel isolated, unappreciated and mad at the injustices. It is my life’s passion to offer compassion, hope, and support to women who need a friend who understands.

If you are a woman in ministry leadership, I would love to meet you; and if you are a friend of the ministry, I would love for you to get to know me and my heart for these women. 

We are so excited to be able to once again meet in person and have several upcoming events

designed to help Women in Ministry Leadership navigate the challenges this role brings, with other women who know exactly how to relate.

October 3rd
Hallmark Holiday Hoedown

November 7th
Board & Brush

December 4th
Holiday Makeup Magic w/ Tammy

Please visit our events page at: to view the full details and
sign up for these events if you are a Woman in Ministry Leadership.

To connect or learn more about Women in Ministry, please contact Sophia at:

I have never had my faith shaken before. My spouse and I are hanging by a thread at the moment.  Romans 12 came alongside me and offered me time away to seek God’s wisdom. 

~ Anonymous

Dropping the Mask

At Romans 12 Ministries, we are passionate when it comes to relating to those in the trenches of Christian ministry because we’ve all been there. We have over 100 total years of experience between Scott, Ron, Sophia, and myself (wow, we’re old!) We know exactly what they need in order to avoid burnout and are grateful to be able to refresh ministry leaders and restore them back to a healthy place emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

It has been a JOY to come alongside these pastors and ministry leaders, and to do life with them. Our times together are strictly confidential, full of laughter, some tears, celebrated victories, and often brokenness. We have learned that pastors are hurting. Their marriage is struggling. Family members are resentful of the injustices of church life. Church boards may be dysfunctional or unhealthy. They feel alone and are on the edge of despair. The comparison complex with other pastors and churches is real and discouraging, heightened by the polished and edited sermons on social media by popular preachers and church leaders. With COVID-19, all of this has intensified and, on top of it, they are dealing with constant criticism and judgment over their decisions and live in fear of losing the support of their elders, their leadership and their flock.

This is where Romans 12 Ministries comes in!
As pastors, ministry leaders, and their spouses begin dropping their masks (not their COVID-19 masks ☺) and sharing honestly and openly, healing begins to take place. With the many resources available at Romans 12 Ministries, we see and witness refreshment and restoration for those that partner with us. We want to be a safe place for them to express their fears, their doubts, their concerns and their struggles. Our goal is to stand with them during these difficult times, to relate, refresh and restore them so that they can continue to serve the Body of Christ.

I’d like to challenge you this month to think through all that your pastor does for you and for your church. Try and put yourself in their shoes, and consider all they might be struggling with, especially now. We have listed some ideas on ways to care for your pastor on the back page of this newsletter. I would ask that you prayerfully consider blessing your pastor this month.

Be there for them, support them, pray for them and honor the role
God has given them to serve you and others for Him.

– David Towne, Associate Executive
Director and Pastor

As the nation’s pulpit goes,
so goes the soul of the nation

– Francis Schaeffer

Upcoming Events

I have the best job in the world and I would like to share a sliver of that joyful blessing with you.

October is….
Pastor Appreciation Month and I want to FLOOD our leaders with OUTRAGEOUS GENEROSITY to show them we love and appreciate them… who’s in?

Some Ideas:
Deliver dinner and dessert to your pastor
Offer your vacation home as a getaway
Offer to babysit so they can go out on a date
Provide a gift card to a restaurant, or for a day of pampering and fun (mani/pedi, golf)
Purchase a photo session for their family
Take them golfing, hiking, biking with a lunch bonus
Write a letter affirming their influence in your life
Be intentional about praying for them
Wednesday, Oct. 14th 11-1 pm

Let’s break out and fellowship!
Join us in October for a gathering of pastoral leaders. Food, fun, prizes, and some great encouragement to fill your tank and affirm your call in leadership.

We can all use a time of fellowship like this and Romans 12 would love to come alongside and offer this to you.

Join us on October 14, no cost to you but with a tremendous payout on your investment of time with others.

Laugh again, pray with others and walk away a little more refreshed!

Limited to Pastors only, and you must RSVP to attend.
Please email Ron Smith at to RSVP.

Ron Smith –
Director of Ministry Services

To get involved or to learn more, send us a message or call us at (520) 485-1780