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About Romans 12 Ministries

David Towne M.ED.

Executive Director

David has been a professional educator for over 25-years in the private and public sectors in a variety of roles including teaching, coaching, and leadership. David has a B.A. from Point Loma College and earned his M.Ed. from Seattle University.

Over the years, David has been a featured speaker for numerous organizations, churches, schools, and clubs. He has received awards throughout his career recognizing his professional excellence and commitment to his academic students as well as for his coaching with student-athletes.

A gifted communicator, David has a passion for helping leaders, educators, and other professionals reach their potential for greater success in business and satisfaction in life. He brings experience and humor into the process of coaching and professional training.

His areas of expertise include educational leadership, culture building, mentoring, cognitive coaching, professional and personal development, and conflict management.

David lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife, Sophia. They have four children – Mya, Sami, Davis, and Case.