Romans 12 Ministries

About Romans 12 Ministries

Scott Munro

Executive Director/Pastor

Scott has lived in Tucson, Arizona since 1985 when he and his family (wife Holly, daughter Hannah, sons Jordan and Elliot) moved from Colorado looking for employment opportunities.

All of Scott’s children are grown now and have given him and Holly seven wonderful grandchildren. Hannah has blessed us with Dorian (4), Jordan and Heather have blessed us with two boys: Zeke (3) and Zane (6), and Elliot and Stephanie have blessed us with our only girl Abbie (10), twins Jacob and Jordan (7), and Luke (4).

Scott worked in the newspaper business for 16 years but ended his media carrier in 2001 to join The Gospel Rescue Mission as the Director of Development. Scott worked at the mission for 17 years, retiring in March of 2018. Holly was much more dedicated to sticking to a job and has been a teacher for over 35 years, mostly in Christian Education, and is currently teaching at Pusch Ridge Christian Academy.

Scott was officially retired for all of 2 months until he and a friend began talking about how so many pastors and missionaries were leaving their positions- burned out, frustrated, and feeling lost and abandoned. They both felt that Christianity itself was under major attack and were convicted to do something to help. That is when the dream of Romans 12 Ministries began.

Scott’s dream is to help as many folks as possible to continue their service for the Lord, so they can continue spreading the Gospel of Christ.

Advancing the people and organizations who advance the Gospel.

Phone: 520-485-1780 Ext. 100