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Coronavirus: The Flip Side of Fear

How the Church is Helping or can help

In the midst of the threat of COVID-19, we believe that the church is called to mobilize, not shrink. On Sunday we called the church to step up and offer help to those who ought to be sheltered at this time. We were delighted at the flood of responses and ideas. Some churches are installing Free Pantries in front of their churches to help people in need stock up on essentials and, of course, toilet paper.  

How can YOU in the body of Christ help?

Talk to your pastor about what you would like to offer or spearhead for the community around your church.  This is our time to make a huge and lasting impact on the unchurched and unsaved.

This is an opportunity to have quality time with your kids, spouse or any other family member in your home. 

For Kids

  • Head over to YouTube for great ideas on fun things to do.  
  • Get out your Elf on the Shelf, pin a note on him with a fun activity for the day, a chore and talk time with you.
  • Create a scavenger hunt that leads to their schoolwork.
  • If you have a basketball hoop, shoot baskets. Make it a competition, you each shoot 3 baskets for each round, 3-4 rounds.  Whoever makes the most gets to decide what to do.  Kids will choose something fun and the parent can pick something like a chore or homework.
  • Bake or cook together
  • Have a designated reading time, where the whole family reads their own book but all in the same room.
  • Ask your kids questions that make them want to share;
    If you designed clothes, what would they look like?
    If you opened a store, what would you sell?
    What is your Superhero name and what are your powers?
    What made you laugh today?
    Google: 63 Questions to get your kids talking

For Parents at home during this time;

Have couch time. Complete these sentences with each other.

I like the way you….
Today you were…
You are fantastic at…
You are a great partner when you…
Thank you for…