Romans 12 Ministries

How We Serve


Growing and maintaining a church is challenging, emotional and often lonely. We give pastors the support and resources they need to maintain a strong faith, clear mission and passionate drive to serve and love God’s people. We offer confidential counseling and one-on-one discipleship as well as support during sabbaticals (eg: filling the pulpit).

Ministry Leaders:

Ministry leaders support the vulnerable, serve the disadvantaged, and devote their lives to pouring themselves out so others can succeed. It is equal parts deeply fulfilling, and deeply challenging. Money is almost always tight, and stress at work inevitably spills over to anxiety and stress at home.

We provide counseling, support, and resources to help ministry leaders stay engaged in their mission to serve those in need and spread God’s love. 


Missionaries spend years on the mission field, in a country that is not their own, to serve people who desperately need Jesus. In some countries, missionaries face daily persecution, and often fear for their lives. When they return home, their friends, family, and culture have changed. Few share their understanding of the world and passion to share the Gospel to the ends of the earth, so they often feel out of place or lost. We support missionaries as they acclimate back to life in the United States and as they prepare to enter the mission field, providing needed help and community along this journey.


Spouses of ministry leaders and pastors often feel neglected and overlooked OR completely consumed by the mission. Our goal is to strengthen marriages, placing God at the center of these marriages so that their passion for each other is strong and they become effective partners that work together to complete God’s plan for their lives. We also have programs specifically for women in ministry. Click here to learn more.

Churches and Ministries:

The enemy who wars against us causes division and chaos. Churches and ministries are on the front lines of that assault. We provide structural support during the foundational church-planting and ministry-establishing period, and interventional support in times of strain and chaos. This ensures and restores health and vitality so the gospel can be sent forth unhindered, and people in need of hope can continue to be served.


Children of pastors and ministry leaders are often either expected to be perfect, or completely overlooked. We provide counseling, support and resources for families so they are strong and able to serve the Lord together.


Effective Christians make disciples, thereby fulfilling the great commission. Our discipleship programs train disciples who will then make disciples, strengthening the body of Christ.

Romans 12 Programs

In addition to providing individual and ministry support, we offer programs to pastors, ministry leaders, women in ministry, families and those in leadership in order to build community, provide education, and develop effective disciples. Our core programs are listed below. If you are interested in being a part of any of these programs, or know someone who would benefit, please contact us today.

R12 Program

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

– Galatians 6:2

Relationship and Accountability

The R12 Program is a deeply personal discipleship program led by our staff. Our staff spends quality time, one on one, with pastors, ministry leaders and women in ministry in order to build a quality relationship. This relationship allows our staff to help, support, pray for, and provide accountability to those in the program. It is a safe place for pastors to confide and release their concerns and cares.

Couples Getaway

May you ever be intoxicated with her love

– Proverbs 5:19

Reset, Refresh and Reignite

“Our family signed up for full-time ministry in 2010. Balancing marriage, ministry, and family hasn’t always been easy… and if I’m honest, date nights are not always a priority. Our retreat to Mount Lemmon was such an answer to prayer! We made meals together, listened to devotions, hiked, talked and laughed. Weekends like these help us realign with the Father and with one another.” – Elisa and Fernando Medina

Romans 12 Ministries sponsors getaways for pastors and ministry leaders and their spouses so they can reconnect, refresh and reignite their passion for each other. These getaways are structured as a reprieve from the demands of ministry so the couple can focus on their marriage and simply being together.

If you have a cabin or vacation home and would like to help support this program, please contact us.

Marriage Connection Retreat

You have captivated my heart…

– Song of Solomon 4:9

Connection, Communication, Healing, Support and Growth

Our marriage retreats give couples who dedicate their lives to service a safe space to experience healing and reinvigorate their marriage. Marriages are under attack and those who serve experience that attack more than most. Coming alongside marriages and offering practical advice on how to communicate, problem-solve and work through challenging times is critical to our mission.

“Love you all, thanks again for a phenomenal marriage retreat. We had no idea the intense and exhausting health trials we would be facing in the days to follow that special time we spent together. I keep thinking of goals versus desires, and that has helped our communication even in the little things.”

Though many go to these getaways just to get away, most attend because they need help with some area of their marriage or want to learn how to better connect with the one they love. These are small and intimate retreats with no more than 10 couples per session. We believe this gives couples the opportunity to truly experience healing in a safe environment, and encourages couples to bond, so that they can provide lifelong support for each other once they leave the retreat. Marriage Connection Retreats are typically 3 day events and feature pampering time for the women, bonding time for the men and an intimate date night alone for each couple.

Women in Ministry

Women play a critical role in ministry both as leaders and as supportive wives to those who are called to lead. Women often feel burdened and defined by their roles as a wife, a ministry leader, or a mother. They often feel isolated and alone and incapable of creating real relationships with women inside their church for fear of judgment or because that relationship is tied to their status and not them as a person.

Our mission is to serve them well and to help them feel incredibly special, nurtured and loved, not because of their position in church or ministry, but because they truly matter.

Our Women in Ministry Events are a time of fellowship and bonding that give women a chance to release their daily obligations and create meaningful relationships with other women who understand what they’re going through, so they can become sources of support and encouragement for one another.

She is clothed with strength and dignity….

– Proverbs 31:25

Discipleship Program

We believe it is our calling as Christians to make disciples; our faith is never meant to be passive but deeply active and growing as we reach others for Jesus. Our Discipleship Program is a one year program utilizing the resource and wisdom from Scott Brown and his three book series: Making Disciples Who Are. The goal of this program is to train disciples who will then make disciples, thereby strengthening the body of Christ.

If you are a pastor, ministry leader, missionary, church or ministry in need of help, please contact us today.

Jonathan Project

Jonathan said to David, ‘whatever you want me to do, I’ll do for you.’

– 1 Samuel 20:4

We launched the Jonathan Project because we realized the need for ongoing relationship, care, and discipleship was so much bigger than what our team was capable of providing. We studied the Bible and saw beauty in the relationship between Jonathan and David. Jonathan supported David, encouraging him and enabling him to be the leader God had called him to be. Romans 12 Ministries will train, equip, raise up, and encourage what we call Jonathans – leaders in church and ministry –  to build deep friendships and to walk alongside current front-line leaders of the faith. This includes weekly face-to-face meetings and an ongoing commitment to refresh and care for their David. They are called to rejoice in times of joy, and to support and encourage in times of hardship and sorrow. 

We are actively seeking “Jonathans,” seasoned leaders who have a heart to support other leaders. To learn more, click here.