Romans 12 Ministries

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to ministry leaders for these services?

Services are determined on a case by case basis. There is no cost to meet with or receive help from Romans 12 Ministries. If there is a need for external resources such as counseling, we make every effort to reduce barriers to receive that needed help. The counselors we work with operate on a sliding scale that adjusts accordingly; as an organization we are also available to help provide scholarships for these services when there is need.

Who qualifies for your services?

We serve pastors, ministry leaders, missionaries, women in ministry and their families. We also have a program designed for individuals who would like to become disciples who make disciples.

How can I help other than a monthly donation?

We are always looking for vacation homes in order to provide intimate getaways for married couples who serve full-time in ministry. In addition, if you are a counselor or can provide resources for pastors, ministry leaders, missionaries and their families, we would love to speak with you.

Are you affiliated with one denomination?

No we are not. We serve those in full-time ministry regardless of denominational affiliation, provided they believe in Jesus, His birth, death, resurrection and that His death provided grace for us as sinners to receive newness of life, and to walk in freedom with Him.

Do you offer services to women pastors?

Yes, we do. We believe women play a vital role in ministry and we purpose to honor and love them as sisters in Christ.

Do you include other pastors besides just the Senior Pastor?

Yes, absolutely! Associate, worship and other pastoral roles all share similar burdens and we are honored to be able to care for them and their families as well.

Your pastor works very hard.
Reality is, most church members cannot fully understand a Pastor’s job. Everyone that works hard needs to be appreciated.

What you can do:
Words of Encouragement (A note), prayer, a gift card to a restaurant, etc.

Your pastor is trying to lead well at home and church.
A pastor with a healthy family is in a good position to lead a healthy congregation.

What you can do:
Encourage your pastor to spend time with his family, give the gift of entertainment or a date night with his wife or more.

Criticism hurts your pastor’s family.

What you can do:
Be a voice of encouragement to your pastor’s family when negativity strikes.

Your pastor cares about your attendance.
Pastor’s spend hours preparing the sermon to feed you with Truth.

What you can do:
Affirm them with your presence, countenance, and seating proximity. They need real-time feedback, and are passionate about facilitating community.

Your pastor loves you.
Pastor’s don’t serve because their job is easy or lucrative. They are motivated by their love for Jesus and you- the beautiful and dysfunctional Bride of Christ. They pour into your lives daily.

What you can do:
Remember your pastor and his family are just like you, imperfect. Pour back into them so they don’t burn out. Pray for them.

Common Myths of a Pastor or Missionary:

Myth: Pastors only work 1 day a week.

Reality: Pastors work 7 days a week with a variety of hours and are on call 24/7.

Myth: Missionaries in America are living easy compared to those in foreign countries.

Reality: Missionaries in America struggle more for their support because of the comparison.

Myth: Pastors have a lot of free time to be with their family.

Reality: Pastors miss out on a big part of their family’s lives because of the needs of the church body at all hours of the day/night.

Myth: Pastor’s wives are supposed to lead bible studies, lead on various committees and fill in wherever needed in the church.

Reality: A Pastor’s wife’s only responsibility is to her family, and supporting her husband and kids. If she has the gifts, talents and time to help in ministry, then she may participate or lead where she is called.

Myth: Pastor’s kids should be exceptional examples to the body.

Reality: Pastor’s kids are just like your kids. They are going to make mistakes and sometimes walk down a hard path for their family.

Myth: It’s okay to tell the Pastor’s wife what I do and don’t like about the service.

Reality: It hurts the Pastor’s wife when she has to listen to criticisms of her husband and then hold it inside so she in turn doesn’t discourage her husband.

Myth: I pay my tithes, I should be able to request music I like.

Reality: Worship leaders get the most criticism about the songs they choose. They suffer silently alongside their Pastor. Our gifts and offerings are a gift unto the Lord and should not be given in expectation of a return.