The Outstanding Servant Award recognizes and honors individuals who demonstrate a Christ-like lifestyle by loving others, serving others, serving the church, and emulating a Christ-like life as shown in Romans 12. If you know someone who lives like a godly servant, please recommend him or her as a recipient of our Romans 12 Ministries' Outstanding Servant Award.

The Criteria

Outstanding Servant nominees must meet each of these specific criteria:


  1. Displays the Christian traits of loving God and loving others

  2. Has shown a willingness to serve others above self

  3. Demonstrates a lifestyle that leads people to a desire for a relationship with Christ

  4. Assists others in developing and utilizing their full potential as a Christian

Completing the Form

Nominations for the Outstanding Servant Award must be submitted on the nomination form below. One additional sheet may be uploaded along with this submission form.  These are the only materials that will be considered during the selection committee’s review. Please review the nomination form carefully to ensure that comprehensive, quantitative information is provided which demonstrates the involvement and achievement of your nominee.  The more complete the information provided, the more useful this form will be for those who make the selection of the individual to receive this prestigious award.

The Process

  1. All applications will be reviewed by the Board and then those the Board finds worthy will be interviewed by one of Romans 12 Ministries staff or Board members.

  2. Winners will be selected and notified by the 2nd Monday of the month following the application.

  3. Once an applicant is selected, that individual's church will be notified of their selection and the winner will receive the following:

  • A check for $500.00 to the award winner.

  • A check for $2,000 given in their name to any recognized Christian Church, ministry, or Christian cause of their choice. Ideally, the presentation will be made at the home church or the selected Christian organization that the winner serves.

  • The winner will be featured in an article about them and the people and organization they serve on the romans12ministries.org website.

  • The winner will be one of the guests of honor at that year's Romans 12 Ministries recognition banquet.


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Our mission is to come alongside the body of Christ, inside and outside of the church buildings, to work with all Christians to reach their full potential to love God and serve others.

Advancing the people and organizations who advance the gospel.

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