77% of pastors today say they’ve experienced burnout.

It’s a sad statistic, but there’s a reason 1,700 leave the ministry every month. Pastors are under tremendous pressure to do the right thing, to be the right thing, and to never fail - to be supermen.

But the truth is, we live in a fallen world and we all need help sometimes.


Romans 12 was created to come alongside our church leaders,

before they come to the point where they think leaving the pulpit is the only option, and assist them in any way that we can. Our goal is to refresh, refocus and reignite the passion that leads them to dedicate their lives to the ministry so that they can continue their God-given work.


Obviously, every situation is different, but to accomplish those goals we offer:

  • One-on-One Counseling – to discover stress points and refocus priorities

  • Mediation – to heal rifts between pastors and church leadership

  • Pastoral Substitutes – providing on-call pastors willing to step into the pulpit to give their weary brethren space to reflect, recharge and reconnect with family

  • Retreats - designed to reenergize and reignite the passion for ministry


Romans 12 understands the need for support and we want to help. Reach out today by filling out the form below and we can start the journey back together.


Want to learn more? Watch our short video.


Are you worried about your pastor?

Click here for the free resource - 10 Warning Signs of Pastor Burnout.


Office: (520) 485-1780

Our mission is to come alongside the body of Christ, inside and outside of the church buildings, to work with all Christians to reach their full potential to love God and serve others.

Advancing the people and organizations who advance the gospel.

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